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Post 20 May 2022

This is an original tech-house track destined for the clubs ... it's around 3 mins 30 - which is pretty much what all tech-house club mixes are ... anyway... so it all begins with super simple drums to allow the DJ to mix it in ... (these are not sample pack loops - all created myself) and I slowly introduce the "theme" of the track. The drums stay a central part of this arrangement.

The kick is something I nocked up in Kick 2, and run through ChowDSP BOYD to add a load of gritty and attitude.
There's 2 clap which are super tight and processed using PSP Infinistrip and finally through Izotope Insight 2 to widen them. Again.. I've arranged them with lots of movement and groove and vary over the arrangement to keep it interesting. Ran a high-pass really high in certain places on the kick, to keep the beat locked, but allowing the bass-line to breath.

The bass line is GForce Oddity 2 (a Korg Odyssey emulation)... with a new preset I concocted inside there. Added a bit of Breeze 2 reverb and Saturn 2 to lift it. Loads of automation going on to drift it around. I let the bass line go on for quite a bit, as I think it works well for a club mix. Used both Laser and Trackspacer to keep it side-chained nicely in with the crunchy kick.

There are multiple arps that run alongside it ... they are all created from scratch in Serum - again with loads of automation.

The piano is me playing PB Khords.

Now over to the vocals... this is something a bit different from me... the talking isn't nicked samples. Not a single voice sample. Instead... it's me saying a whole load of nonsense into my mic whilst playing the track, adding a lot of pain in my voice, and also making whoops and odd sounds - drenched in delay and other FX. I cut up the vocals thereafter, keeping the bits I liked!
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