Dance-y/Trippy Spooky Track + Uplifting Ambient Tech House Tune

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Post 05 Nov 2021

This track definitely began to take shape largely around the bass riff found in the second mid section (which I think may have been even the actual first sound implemented?). The spooky ambient chords then added in the opening section seemed to be a perfect fit for the existing vibe and I think inspired the use of the spooky ghost pad utilised. I think that I then began recording the third final track section adding in the climbing/descending note stabs before hitting upon creating the tracks early climatic effect (at 4.52) through using Polar Dual Pitch Shifter on some percussion (which actually sounded like a recurring morse code signal) and adding it in as sampled sound. The closing sections pads are similar to the opening ones but are a bit more trippy and ethereal (and took a fair bit of tweaking to achieve in Algoritm) and I selected a few choice free horror samples for a final climax along with a final sweet pad overlay jam. This is the very first track where I have used any sort of vocal samples or even samples which weren't created by myself. Also the Korg Volca FM is the first external instrument which I have recorded (although was unable to remove all of a hissing sound unfortunately!.... but it sounds like a cymbal anyways :puf_bigsmile: ). Once Halloween was looming I put on a spurt and got the track completed in time for..... November the 1st!!! :cry: .

This track started out as axed climatic alternate section of another track which im still working on which then also got axed itself, but will hopefully still be used in a forthcoming remix/(reprise). The pad which is used from the tracks opening is used again secondarily to provide some extra swell in the early climatic part of the track. I seemed to have a theme of sunshine in the tracks early titles and later plumped on 'Dawn Aura' as it seemed a perfect fit. I then recorded an uplifting lilting guitar esque melody which seemed to fit in well and adds further to any of the tracks uplifting qualities I feel. I also love how the picture I've chosen seems to perfectly fit with the tracks ethos/identity which id love to say was inspired in an arty way from viewing an actual sunrise, but this simply isn't true!. Im not currently seemingly one for creating tracks in cohesive uniformity and here is no different and so after the mid calm breakdown the track builds up again slightly differently to the opening around some different chords. The bass was chosen to hopefully give the track some further dance appeal and I guess since the beats are 'stompy' enough. The final climatic melodies were actually recorded in a side by side manner but then separated in order for the track to carry some variation through to its closing. This track was a bit of a wake up call to me of just how bad my editing skills seem to be since the original version was just shy of 20 minutes long!! :? (I was able to edit this down to 12.32).

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