[Black/Death Metal] Diabolica

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Post 08 Oct 2021

The new album by HAIDUK:


"An endless supply of evil, face-ripping riffs" -metal crypt

"A lot of eye-popping, technical skill, intricate plotting, and brilliantly multifarious and mutated tonalities on display" - no clean singing

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Post 08 Oct 2021

Sounds more 100% black than black/death to me, but very well done, composition wise as well as production side. Just one thing I find a little off: The growl vocals have too much low-end and kinda "brings down" everything else resulting sorta "detached" from the rest. Otherwise good job. Great guitar playin'. What was made in Reason?

Have a nice day!

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Post 08 Oct 2021

I listened to the first track. Loved the intensity and the percussion in particular. I agree with quarmat's comment about the vocals. I'm a novice on mixing, but perhaps there's a way of giving the growl more definition by e.g. (i) making the rest of the mix duck subtly, (ii) carving out some frequency shelf for the vocals, (iii) moving some elements out of the centre of the stereo field all the while the vocals are on.


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Post 08 Oct 2021

Quarmat wrote:
08 Oct 2021
What was made in Reason?
Looking at his history here kinda gives the impression that he dumps n runs when he has a new thing to show. As for using Reason in any way?
This from 2018 when the same Q was asked: "I didn't use Reason, I used Reaper. I do plan to try Reason sooner or later."

I guess he may think that if Bathory did it, he can do the same. The thing is tho that Bathory's record deal and fan base were legitimately achieved seeing this kind of group bombing was not a thing back then. Stripes are earned. I guess this tells me what sort of stripes I feel this guy is earning.

Leaves me feeling a Threatin kinda vibe. Sad.

That and Bathory mixes were impressively terrible/terribly impressive ;-)


Seeing we are in a bombing sort of frame, I might just show mine. This is 100% Reason. Matter of fact, I'm so hard-core I don't even use guitars! ;-)

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Post 09 Oct 2021

Pretty well done. Interesting riffs. The overall sound is a little bit too clean for my taste and i'm missing the bass guitar ;)

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Post 09 Oct 2021

I would absolutely not call this Death metal or at least not what I think when I would do a search for death metal. Black metal it is to me.
and mostly black metal sounds like a band recorded on 1 mic in the centre of the room and sounding muddy. I think if you paned the guitar far left and right put a hpf on them and centre the bass the mix would improve a lot you also need to find a way for the vocal not to kill the music when you growl

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