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Post 11 Sep 2021

Uh hi.

Here's an EP I worked on for quite a while. It's really, really hard to categorize, it has elements of lofi hiphop, vaporwave/dreampunk, and bits of dubstep (?) thrown in there.

The general idea was sampling my own unfinished ideas and chucking them through sample manglers (Fieldscaper, Fritz, Torsion), then arranging the results into a coherent song structure. Some of the songs went through a lot of revisions (especially Seraphim, of which the only piece that survived from the start was a pad in the background, in fact, Veined, the track in my signature, was a demo of Seraphim).

I hope you enjoy : )

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Post 13 Sep 2021


I listened to your ep and liked it. Quiet hours at night at my work and some spare time to listen to some music. I was somehow reminded of the cartoon Salad fingers from way back in internet history when hearing your music. If you dont know of Salad fingers (i'm sure you do) check for it on youtube. Anyhow, i liked listen to your music. It felt likes something diffrent, and that is a good thing in my world. Take care!

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