(demo) Korg Arp Odyssey

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Post 23 Jul 2021

I bought a Korg Arp Odyssey recently, and as part of learning how to use it, decided to make a track with all sounds like the synth, including percussion.

It was pretty tricky TBH on a few fronts;
- No patch memory - so every time I wanted to re-do a line, I had to re-program it from scratch!
- There's no notch or anything for the continuous VCO frequency sliders. So had to use a reference tone from another synth every now and then to check I was keeping it all tuned properly :D
- No MIDI controller data, only note on/off and note value. Not even pitch wheel / mod data. So couldn't record that into the sequencer for fine tuning. My performance skills are not great!
- Mono/duophonic so chords were recorded one note at a time (though luckily not to tape like the old days :) )

That all said, a really fun experience. Everything analog and very hands on, there's no feeling of being abstracted from the hardware. It's really hard to describe but it's a nice user experience. And it's a nice sounding synth.

I used:
Cockos Reaper
Reason Studios Reason 11, Synchronous, Audiomatic, Pulveriser, RV7000
Softube Saturation Knob, dyna-mite
Synapse AF-4 Analog Filter, Fat Space, GQ-7, Deep Reverb
Kuassa EVE-AT-1
Soniccharge Echobode
Sonicbits pump
izotope Maximizer
ValhallaDSP Shimmer
JP Chenille BBD Chorus Ensemble

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Post 25 Jul 2021

Very nice track. You used the Arp O. in a good way. I got the synth, module, and it's special, but can also sound ugly easily imo.
Love the leadsound. Reminds me of John Foxx (Underpass) and other new wave.
And good arrangement.

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Post 26 Jul 2021

Thanks for the feedback! Yes it can sound pretty nasty when un-tamed! :)

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