(Metal) Korruptor - instrumental Doom/Fear Factory inspired

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Post 07 Jun 2021

Hey everyone! Had this one sitting around and thought it'd be fun to finish off. All done in Reason. Drums are Getgood Drums "Invasion", guitars are POD HD Pro X hardware, but everything else is Reason devices and rack extensions! Available on Spotify and the like :)

Also the single artwork was AI generated. Had hours of fun with it; Artbreeder. Mindblowing stuff!

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Post 07 Jun 2021

Sounds awesome man! I'm getting some Meshuggah vibes. Very nice blend of different elements, heavy, melodic, ambience.
Looked at Artbreeder briefly thanks to this. I need to look further into that.

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Post 07 Jun 2021

Good stuff. Brings me back to the Sevenstring.org days.

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Post 09 Jun 2021

Inspired by Fear Factory? I am so here for it. You really have the drums down, especially the super clicky double-bass. Makes me wish I were handier with a guitar so I could do stuff like this.

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Post 09 Jun 2021

Holy shit! Absolutely kick ass! And the guitar solo is awesome. Just followed you on Spotify.

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Post 10 Jun 2021

Wow! This is pretty intense. +1 on the guitar solo!

very cool!
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