New Deep/Tech house track

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Amanda Queen
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Post 27 Feb 2021

Hello everyone i made a new track. Tell me what you think its still work in progress on arrangement, mixing and mastering.

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Post 27 Feb 2021

Nice enjoyed this! Definitely gives the sense of driving towards something exciting.

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Post 27 Feb 2021

Only thing I can say is: this isn't deep tech House 🙄

Good job though. Sounds like the kind of song you want to hear whilst the sun sets. Strong cosmic disco vibes on this one.
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Kevin Sunray
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Post 07 Mar 2021

Nice track and sound combinations. I like it as is.... Compress your drums a bit, add EQ on your master chain and boost the high frequencies for sure at 1-3db, then use a limited and your are almost done. A vocal will be a nice addition to this track. Regarding genre it's Deep House for me, the old good way.

Amanda Queen
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Post 01 Apr 2021

Thanks for the feedback both of you.

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Post 01 Apr 2021

Nice. Def deep house/tech. It seemed the bass was a bit much and muddy on both the synth bass and the kick. I'd eq those down a bit. Maybe too much delay on the synths. Seemed a little out of time. I liked the pacing, the beats, and the track in general. I also agree an eq boost at the high end will help. I'd do it on the hi hats and then go from there if needed.

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