(Electro/Political Satire)They Beat Me-Way Outta Context

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This was an interesting one. Taken from the audio recording of President Trump's call with the Georgia SoS. He says 'um' or 'ah' over 100 times in this 1 hour call. So I chopped 42 of those, pitched them with Reason's pitch edit to 4 different notes in the D Major scale, and bounced to new samples. Then I loaded them into NN-XT and set them to the notes they'd been pitched to and set them all to alternate, so every time a key is pressed it cycles through the ah's and um's to not sound the same. With a pile of other effects and modulation it makes the synth sound in the intro and chorus. This song was also my first use of the synth Vital in a released track. It has quickly become my favorite synth. It's free, and if you don't have it, you should. It puts Europa to shame with the amount of stuff it can do for free! The drums and sub bass are iZotope Breaktweaker. The piano in the chorus is Radical Piano with a Scales and Chords, Dual Arpeggio, and Note Echo on it.

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Due to :rt: 's no-politics rule, no-one will be able to respond to this …

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