[Rock/Political Satire]Debate Night 2020(Music Video)

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Post 03 Oct 2020

The AH's in the background of the verses are, the host, Chris Wallace pitched and run into NNXT. Quad-Note Generator to trigger the weirdly random AH's in the key of B, and a filtered Chinelle Chorus RE. The drums are Izotope Breaktweaker. Using Alligator on most of the guitars, and then running it into Kuassa and Audio Assault amps/cabs. The bass is just the Reason Bass Refill with Kuassa Cerebus and an Audio Assault Duality for amps/cabs. After I chopped all potential samples, I used Audio Assault Mutli-Tran to remove most of the room noise, so I could make a uniform delay/reverb combo out of sends. Since it's spoken word, and not sung, I bus all my instruments together on one final bus, and all the vocals on a separate one. Use the stock M-Class compressor on the instrument bus with the paralell output of the vocal bus into the side-chain input of the compressor to round off a couple of dB every time someone speaks.

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Post 17 Oct 2020

This music video is very entertaining, the melodies that make me laugh.

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