(Synthwave) Rise of the Challenger

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Post 13 Feb 2020


I just finished my first proper Synthwave Track. I would love to get some feedback from you guys!

There isn't too much going on in the 'verses' because I would like to have some vocals there, but sadly I can't really sing. Maybe I'll give it a try with the BV512 some time.

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Post 16 Feb 2020

Excellent track! Sounds legit retro! I love it!

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Post 17 Feb 2020

Sounds nice though I do feel you this track could really do with a heavier snare...

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Post 18 Feb 2020


Yeah, the drums are the hardest part in Synthwave in my opinion. I tried to find a snare that has not that much attack but a lot of noise in the decay. For my taste it could use even a little bit more gated reverb, but with the built-in one in Umpf Retro it get's a bit to messy. Maybe I could try to send the dry snare through a RV7000 with some 80s Lexicon IRs instead.

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Post 18 Feb 2020

Great track! yes some vocoder in this - and it´s genius!
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Reason 11 sounds better :essentials:

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Post 15 Mar 2020

Nice job.

I think it's a very nice synthwave track! A lot of very nice hooks, and layers.

Couple of suggestions;
- I think it could be brighter. Maybe scoop out a bit of the lower-mid and add some sparkle over the top. Do you have high pass filter there? If not, maybe try an exciter, or EQ, or even add some white noise elements.
- A bit more variation in the kick-snare patterns.

In any case- cool track!
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