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Post 21 Jan 2020

Looking for feedback. Not exactly sure what to classify this song as. It started off as a Ballad, working on creating slower pieces of music.

was watching a slow moving British cop drama while creating the initial chord progression. .

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Post 01 May 2020

I listened this track many times. It is slow but really very relaxing type of music. Congratulations for "Infinites End By Courtney".

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Post 06 May 2020

That drum line. Wow.

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Post 06 May 2020

very cool, well done! my only feedback is that the drums get overwhelming in spots—way too loud for my liking, compared to the rest of the mix. the drum performance is great, and I love the dynamics of the performance, and tasty little fills, but I’d like to hear the dynamics of the recording reined in (i.e. compression or volume automation to keep those louder sections from overpowering the rest). the drums do sound a little boxier and dryer than I’d expect too. I think with some EQ, compression, and maybe a bit of reverb on the drums, they’d feel much better, to me, at least.

otherwise, I love the vibe. really good stuff. 👍🏼

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Post 12 May 2020

Great composition!

I agree that the drums stand out a bit too much (in terms of how they are mixed, not the performance). I think that more reverb (there's already a small room verb on there isn't there, or am I just hearing the room you recorded them in?) would really help them gel with the rest of the mix.

I also think the kick and snare could come up just a touch in the mix and that would also help the fills to sound more cohesive within the larger context of the song.

As a fellow drummer I really appreciate this piece, excellent playing and a very unique composition. Excited to see where you take it.
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Post 13 May 2020

Thanks for the feedback. When I get some time I am going to revisit the drums in this one.
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Post 14 May 2020

I agree on the criticism about the mix of the drums but other than it's an excellent piece of music. Great composition, great mood, keeps my attention all the way through.

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Post 19 May 2020

ltbrunt00 wrote:
21 Jan 2020
Looking for feedback.

What VSTs did you use? Reason Stock Plugins?

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