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Post 23 Oct 2019

I use Reason via Rewire into Ableton via External Instrument Racks. Always been a fan of Subtractor for basslines and Thor for easy modulation matrix abilities. I learned synthesis on Thor's modulation matrix, and continue to use Reason as the ultimate learn-how DAWs. Here's my first trance track. Thanks for the time - follow me on soundcloud.

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Post 27 Oct 2019

this would be the soundtrack in my brain if i snorted a can of redbull. tons of energy in this track!

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Post 27 Oct 2019

I like it! 👍

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Post 27 Oct 2019

Really good track. Only thing i miss is outro part, but many released tracks today dont have any.

Do you plan to make extended version?

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Post 08 Nov 2019

Outro part. Hmm. Never thought of the that because I didn't want to make it too long. But I got a smile out of the redbull comment. Thanks for listening guys.

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