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Post 10 Apr 2019

So... how did I make it????
Some hints...

KICK: D16 Punchbox. Made the preset myself - as I needed it to sit really tight against the dirty bass - which wasn't an easy challenge.
PERCUSSION: Loads and loads and loads of single hit samples and spending b***dy hours getting the groove and ensuring everything sits tuned and EQd neatly.
BASS: Roland SH-101. Serious processing here - wanted saturated, amp, bit-crushed, wobbly, in a warehouse distant sound etc. Varies/morphs slowly/subtly throughout the track.
PIANO CHORD: Single chord sample which I found. Plays at the end of a 4 bar section once in a while.
ORGAN: Sonic Academy ANA 2.
FX: Thrown the kitchen sink at this. Used the Propellerhead ECHO - in ROLL mode and automated the triggering in time with the music - just having fun.
Also for FX - I took a really rough robot sound FX and stretched it, tuned it up an octave and locked it into the beat - and EQd it until there was hardly anything left - which is used in some places to add texture.
SPEECH: Well yes - It's Norman Cook talking about himself. And some other snippets I got from some dance music documentaries on BBC 4.
All my music created, produced and mastered in Reason 10.4 (WIndows)

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Post 28 Apr 2019

This sounds great!
Love the bass... there's an UJAM Virtual Bassist competition you could participate in if you like.

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