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Post 10 Feb 2019

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Post 10 Feb 2019

I had a listen and if you're interested here's my feedback (all imho):

"Fast Trust" and "Hardcore Raver" sound like there are two songs playing on top of each other and fighting for sonic space. Is this really how you intended it to be or did something break during the export as those two songs seem to be based on "Hyper"? Imho these two don't work very well (even for the genre).

Hyper, while not being happy hardcore per-se, has that 90s hard rave vibe to it. For this it's a pretty solid track that could have been on a sampler of that era. To be top notch the transitions could use a little more icing on the cake and some stereo FX (sweeps) would also help to make the sound more awesome.

New Style: Pretty solid fusion of jumpstyle elements and deadmau5 inspired EDM breakdowns (it's pretty close to The Veldt). Me gusta! ;)
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