Vaporwave - Pantsuit

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Post 11 Jan 2019

Here's a vaporwave track I'm pretty much done with. I wrote it at 115 bpm and then slowed the audio down to 105 and transposed it -1 for a vaporwave effect. Made entirely in Reason with a few rack extensions.

I like jungle.

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Post 12 Jan 2019

Very nice!
Great song name.
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Post 12 Jan 2019

I really like this a lot! Not sure if it would qualify as vaporwave as the production is really clean where vaporwave tends to have a sort dull, subdued quality. I wouldn't change it though as it sounds great as it is :P

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Post 12 Jan 2019

Nice work! That blippy synth melody that plays in the intro and between verses is pretty addictive.

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