(Weird Scary DnB Metal?) - Nightmare 1

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Post 25 Nov 2018

This track was all about the process. I wanted to have fun making this track. No discipline involved whatsoever, which has been my primary method in the past. I only worked on this track when I genuinly felt like doing music.
Lots of experimentation and sounds with a lot of character as a result. I threw away most of my normal music making rules for this one and just played around like a kid.

It's a total mess but it was really fun to make, so I'm happy about that.

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Post 25 Nov 2018

Too fast for me, but it's good!

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Post 25 Nov 2018

I like the second chorus, where you talk about giving back to the community.
Sometimes a cigar is just a synth that's on fire

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Post 25 Nov 2018

Ha! What a badass track!
I get you with the have fun part, I tend to tryhard a bit too much sometimes. But I think letting the rules go and have fun produces the best results! (and any track is better than no track ;D)
Production is nice man, Good job!

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Post 26 Nov 2018

fun track! clearly shows the fun you had while producing. curious to learn more about your standard music making rules.

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Post 27 Nov 2018

Yeah, i feel the energy :thumbs_up:

creepy in the middle, you scared my cat....oh wait, i dont have a cat :P (joke)

nice ;)

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Post 28 Nov 2018

Insanity! Well produced insanity. Fun! Definitely more metal than dnb imho.

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Post 28 Nov 2018

Like it!

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Post 29 Nov 2018

Thanks for all the positive comments guys. Really appreciate it.
I'm glad to see the "fun" aspect of the song seems to have come through to most of you listening.

Hopefully I'll be able to keep focus more on playfulness in the nearest future. I think I need that right now when it comes to my creative work.

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Post 04 Dec 2018

Yeah! Fuck shit up!

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Post 10 Dec 2018

Niiiice dude. This is like what Skrillex and Noisia would sound like if they had a musical kid :D

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