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Post 11 Nov 2018

My first DnB track. Created to learn to how to make a dark and gritty track. I always have to trouble to get out of 8 bar hell and still i find it's bunch of parts and not reaaly a song, much to learn on that part. On the other hand i really like to avoid the default structures and sounds and come up with something else.
It's made with R10, i've bought it a year ago and still learning. I feel like i've only scartched the surface. Awesome tool, easy to learn, hard to master :)
Any feedback welcome!

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Post 24 Nov 2018

Don't think it's dark and gritty but it's certainly good and interesting.

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Post 25 Nov 2018

For me - it's a good track!

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Post 29 Nov 2018

Thank you both :)

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Post 29 Nov 2018

Nice one dude! Interesting to the end with all the stuff going on, good job!

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Post 04 Dec 2018

Sounds awesome, great clear production.

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Post 01 Jan 2019

your separation on sounds is good and the width of the sound is very good! something personally I have right trouble with presently, so well done on that part, the bit at end is very nice!! you given me a kick up the rear end to get up to scratch , this track is mild sounding to me but I’m a dark horse fan of the music but like all spectrums so well done on making something away from 8 and 16 bars ;) keep it up! :)
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Post 01 Jan 2019

I wouldn’t say this is very dark or gritty but it is good and you should be proud of it! Nice clear sounds, nice production on it, good change ups to make it not sound stale or too repetitive. Keep it up!

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Post 04 Jan 2019

Thank you all so much for the kind feedback. I feel like i'm moving in the right direction. :)

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Post 10 Jan 2019

Man, your sound design is on point!

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Post 10 Jan 2019

Some good experimental sounds but nothing that makes me want to listen to the whole track. it just gets dull.
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