(Progressive Breaks & Breakbeat) Urban Reflection

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Location: Vienna, Austria

23 Sep 2018

First Breakbeat made with Reason 10 :?

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24 Sep 2018

Sounds very crisp

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Location: Ruse, Bulgaria

25 Sep 2018

Very nice, pumping track! :P

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25 Sep 2018

Great track! You should upload more often. Looks like you havent uploaded for a while. Really nice production. Crisp indeed.

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26 Sep 2018

Love that opening guitar part! Some really great sounds in the rhythm section. I'm not totally sold on the mix; it's pretty pulsing from the compression, and the guitar sort of seems to sit on top of it all. I would wonder if maybe a little less master compressor and more hard limiting might make the whole thing gel better. That said, part of this could be driven by Soundcloud, which tends to mess up the high end.

Still, tons to like here. Great work!

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