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Post 25 Jan 2015

Here's my first song totaly made in Reason.
Afther years of Cubase (with or without reason rewire) 
With the RE's reason became interresting for me as a total DAW.
Made the move becaurse Reason is so much easyer in live preformance.

There is more to find here
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Post 25 Jan 2015

Song is inspired by a painting of Magritte, afther a visite at the Magritte Museum Brussel Belgium. ... vers-1928/

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Post 25 Jan 2015

Hi Bouwie

I like the song, it is ambitious like a 10cc record but I feel there is something about the mix that is strangling it. Overall the sound is dull and balance between instruments is off.

Shame as this is a really good piece of work. I think you should either take this to a good mix engineer (Selig or Stav come to mind) or at least find someone online to help.

Benedict Roff-Marsh
Completely burned and gone

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Post 26 Jan 2015

Thanx for the reply Benedict
You are right there is something wrong with the mix.
In cubase i knew what to do with the right vst's.
psp vintage warmer (as masterbus compressor limiter)
nomad factory blue tube bundle (pultec and fairchild remakes) en BBE.
They coloured my tracks the right way.

What i discoverd is, that when i put the maximizer in bypass there is more air in sound.
Maybe i try it to mix with out it, and use only the masterbus compressor of the SSL.
The project gives also CPU overload. So i'm thinking of first bounch all the instruments to audio tracks.So i can isolate the sounds better with EQ. 

I want to buy the redrock C1-L1, and kuassa MP5. Did try them both and sound great.
Also Ochen K carve looks very interresting.
Unfortunaly with the last holyday sales i spend my money on other RE's
I know it's not the equiptment that i use, but what i do with it.
But afther 10 years of cubase i know what sounds right for my music.
In reason i have to discover it again.

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Post 26 Jan 2015

Unless I missed this is not a Reason Song File so we've moved the thread to the music forum.

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