Thunder Goats (Electro Folk)

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Post 12 Sep 2021

So we managed to finish a piece of folk noise more. All Reason, samplepacks ands VSTis. Hope the mix sounds all right on your systems. We are still learning mixing and mastering.

It is a hymn to Thor's goats that pulls his chariot, Tanngrisnir and Tanngnjóstr.

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Gothi and Peter
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Post 13 Sep 2021

Interesting concept... I feel myself missing the back beat (I'm talking about the 2) to support the rhythm but it feels nonexistent, Only in the section where it goes half time does it make sense to me rhythmically. Perhaps the very powerful downbeat being less prominent would balance things out... I'm sorry, I'm probably nitpicking 🤷‍♂️

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Post 14 Sep 2021

It is all right, mate. Thanks for dropping by and comment. The back beat is actually kind of non existent because it is a pulze rather than a groove. It was to make room for a more melodic use of the toms and forest drums, thus their beats partly follow the melodic lines and partly the pulze. This to illustrate thunder symbolically. We have not heard any critique yet, but it is important to know the scope of perceptions, so you are most welcome. However, it is on purpose. The trancy bass line is but a pulze too, not a groove either.

In general, our drums are usually more groove aimed, but we do not make use of snares or hats by principle. Only percussion, so you have to allow yourself to get out of the modern box and take a trip back in time with us.

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