Complex-1 Song Files, Combis, Patches and WAVs available for download.

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Post 08 Apr 2024

In March 2023, I started a series called “Wait! Headphones On Please!” where I somewhat documented my attempts at learning to use Complex-1. It had been a synth that sat in my rack for almost 3 years and I had no idea how to use it. So my goal was not only to learn how to use it but to find the limits of it.

That turned into the WHOP series where I tried to see if I could make full songs using just 1 single Complex-1. Needless to say, it is possible. The results aren’t always the best, but that’s due to me as the user not the synth lol. Anyway, just wanted to let the reasongang know that I’ll be making the files available for free download for anyone interested in how I put the songs together. It’ll take some time to get them all uploaded so I’ll be updating this post when I do. Right now the first song I made with Complex-1 (Float Away) is available for download.*3l ... MC4wLjAuMA..

Feedback is welcomed. And if you decide to take on this task too please share your results. I’d love to see them. Any questions about the files feel free to ask here, DM on socials or shoot me an email.

Cheers to all,

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Post 12 Apr 2024

Complex-1 is a beast.
Who’s using the royal plural now baby? 🧂

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Thank you for these patches/songs. :thumbup: ... d-playlist
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moneykube wrote:
27 Apr 2024
Thank you for these patches/songs. :thumbup:
No problem at all. Please share any thoughts you may have about them. Maybe you know some tips and tricks I haven’t figured out yet.


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Amazing Tracks !!! Unique! Love it.

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