Acapellas for Dub, Dubtechno and House

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Post 21 Mar 2024


does anyone has a couple of good tipps where to find (free) acapellas for dub or house?


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Soulseek. Or make your own with this:

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What is this "soulseek"?

Any other suggestions?

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Free? Get a 14 day trial of loopcloud and use the 100 points they provide and get as many as you can? No idea if they still offer a few free ones as well that cost no points, you may search for them all.

Maybe splice offers a similar deal? Idk.

Anything else would be illegal as it would be taking from copyrighted material and would also sound crappy af. So... Other than learning to sing or dating a singer who is willing to colab with you... Free doesn't get you very far, man.

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Ai is really taking its momentum these days. You could also sing or talk in your own and replace it with a different voice, for example with musicfy, uberduck. Both also have some nice text to speech
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