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Post 12 Nov 2022


I've made a combinator patch with Mimic being the main star. You should keep it in multi-slot mode and just load any combination of loops you have(can be melodic loops as well as drum loops) and from then on keep you focus on combinator controls, but randomize Matix pattern if you want more and different results.
Basically it will play slices randomly triggered by Matrix, but you have some multi-slot control on the Combinator that enables you to affect all 8 slots at once which makes it much easier to play around with 8 loops at once. Start and end point maybe being the most important ones.

Hope you'll have some fun.

If someone has an idea how to put a switch on Combinator panel that would randomize Matrix pattern by pressing it...feel free to let me know. It would make it even more simpler, because you wouldn't need to go into Combinator that often, onyl if you want to load new loops into Mimic
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Post 13 Nov 2022

Really creative! Thanks for creating and sharing. Been using this device this morning and have gotten great techno cycles stuff out of it. Great fx routing! Very inspiring :clap:

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Post 14 Nov 2022

You're right about tech cycles. This is what it's for. You can of course change the exf presets and try all sort of different things to manipulate it further. I've noticed I left a couple of slots on mono retrigger instead of poly, seems to me it would be better if they'r all on poly mode. Also exchanging matrix for something else or a poly seq could be also cool, because you would get multi slices playing the same step.


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Post 14 Nov 2022

Mataya wrote:
12 Nov 2022
If someone has an idea how to put a switch on Combinator panel that would randomize Matrix pattern by pressing it...feel free to let me know.
Shameless self-promotion time :)

1. Hit Randomize on Matrix once for each pattern slot, and set the pattern controller to a Combinator knob.
2. Add MeloDramatik into the chain and put it in Global mode.
3. Hook up Matrix CV Out to MeloDramatik's CV Inputs.
4. Set the algorithm controller as a knob in the Combinator.
5. Set the control range for the algorithm to 1 to 51.
6. Set the Use Square Root function as a switch in the Combinator.

Done :)

This setup will give you 32 different "grooves", supplied by the Matrix, and each also has up to 102 melodic variants in each groove.

Progressing that really good cycle, so it's more than just a loop.

So you have something awesome and fully flavoured, and want to build it into a track?

More than likely you are at the "crescendo" point when you get the "this is awesome" vibe. If you switch this loop on the following day without all the buildup and just loop straight into that bit, you will be left with a feeling of "wow, what happened to this, it sounded awesome last night and now it's just rude".

To alleviate this issue, copy the high-point pattern to Pattern 8 on the Matrix, then work your way down through the patterns from 8 to 1, and edit the pattern subtractively, i.e. remove bits of it, and make 1 or 2 very slight variations of the groove for "fills" purposes.

You should now have a lot of places you can take the groove from 1 to 8, and with all sorts of melodic variations in between


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Post 14 Nov 2022

Not at all. A smart self-promotion. I've actually asked for it. Thank you.

I don't have MeloDramatik, I bought Chordbank before and still saving money for LaunchEon. Much more useful at the moment. But yeah, I understand the concept and it's cool. Lot's of variations possible and all under your control.
Still would be nice if you could choose an option from right click menu
and add it or link it to something on a combinator.


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