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Post 07 Aug 2022

Trying some Autotune experiment with Vocoder 64 and Bitspeak.
Delete Bitspeek and Swap Vocoder64 for standard vocoder,
the experience should be quite similar, except without Bitspeek
it loses the audio to cv-gate-pitch conversion feature.

Ther's two Grain instances. One has A drum loop, the other, the vocals.

The vocals Grain sampler can be dragged outside the combinator ,
which is RSN 11 compatible, in order to play different notes between the Grain
Sampler and the Combinator carrier.
Birtspeak read the incoming audio and drives the carriers in absence of midi from some sequencer.
I tried to patch the Grain sampler with the Env to position and tape preset for auto-bpm adjusting...
not sure it's really working...

So I'm posting it here, so it can be reviewed.
If someone comes up with a better version please repost it here!!
Thanx and enjoy. I hope the samples are included...
If not I will try upload the samples separatedly.

I tried Neptune, but Bitspeak did a much better job at reading the pith of incoming audio...
I could have used Thor also... but it was easier with Bitspeak...
RSN11 VOCO64 RYTMN 2 [RUN].zip

Also made a Parsec Vocoder, if want to try out. This one has just the Parsec and Grain.
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