[STOCK]A.sch3's Combinator Collection for Reason 10 v1.0.0

Need some fresh sounds? Want to show off your sound design skills? Here's the place!
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Post 31 Jul 2022

Hi there,

Long story short, after releasing my mixing tool in the form of combinator 2 for Reason 12, some folks out there asked me if they were compatible with reason 10.
Of courses they aren't, so i made them for Reason 10 and above with the limitations of the original Combinator.

Download : R10 A.sch3's Combinator Collection v1.0.0


They are made the same way, with the same stock devices, less knobs and buttons but same sound characteristics.

BUS Mixing and Improving
Improve and enhance an instruments, track or a BUS of tracks

Vocal Singer Toolbox
Set the auto-leveler to 100%, fiddle with the de-esser, add reverb or don't (you're free to do your thing after that).

Pre-Mastering Multi-Tool
Give a little polish to the track before going to the mastering section

Mastering made easy : Enable 1:1 Listen, crank the volume up. when the apparent loudness you are hearing goes down, it means you went too far, dial back a few notch and you're basically as loud as you can get without much distortions. In order to go above that, you'll need to work on your mix. Adding a bus compressor can also help.
Remember that loud doesn't mean "sounding good" Everything is in the mix.

Binaural & 3D FX
Trick your brain into thinking the sound stage is much deeper.

Resonance Taming
Spot the bad resonances on a track and dynamically remove it only when needed.

I'm going to add some more information in this post later. I'm also working on a video to show them in situation.

I hope you'll enjoys theses tools !

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Post 31 Jul 2022

Wow, that's really nice of you.

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@A.sch3: a very kind gift for us R10 users

thanks for not forgetting about us

feels like christmas

cheers and eat well,

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