cant start reason

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Post 04 Mar 2022

I cant start reason. I tried ver 12.2.4xxxx and AND pirated but none of them runs
they start with error "installation damaged. files missing or damaged"
of course before installing i have hand cleaned all previous reason and reason+ folders and rebooted.
4 tries + 2 pirated version = none work = all same error!!!!
please help!!!
(meanwhile i'll also attemp to clean registry to see if something change...)
if i find no solution then i'm going to cancel my subscription - what else to do????!!!!!!

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Post 04 Mar 2022

Maybe some pirated software has screwed up your windows install. You could try re-installing the OS.

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Post 04 Mar 2022

I rarelly use pirated software but i honestly used pirated reason which led to a good thing => i'm now a legitimate subscriber of reason +
and really , without the pirated test drive this wouldn't have hapenned. Not that I endorse piracy in any way.
BUT I forgot to clean a folder from my previous reason pirated installation, the one in (USERS=>YOUR_USER=>MUSIC=>PROPPELERHEADS)
and it had left some files in the optional devices folder which is the cause of crash.
THANK YOU! I can now keep my reason+ sub...

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