Europa Patches - Chillwave, Lo-Fi, Synthpop and Ambient

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Post 02 Mar 2022

Whats up everyone, here is a collection of patches I made for Europa and wanted to share with the community. 40 patches in the Chillwave, Ambient, Lo-Fi, Synthpop style. Keys and Pads with a few Basses sprinkled in. Excuse my poor playing in the video, i just whipped it up on the fly.

It does require / use the Channel EQ from R11 (i think thats when it was introduced) and up, and Kilohearts free Delay and Chorus.

I have almost no time for music these days, but do enjoy making patches still in the tiny windows of time i get to myself. I hope others get some use out of these!

Edit: This does require R12 as it uses the Combinator 2.

Europa Chill Nights ... sp=sharing

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Post 08 Mar 2022

Sounds great :puf_smile: thx for the freebie :thumbs_up:

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Post 10 Mar 2022

Music Is My Life
Reason 12 sounds better :essentials: ... gA05XklBng

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Post 04 Aug 2022

I noticed that I keep coming back to your Chill Nights patches. Fantastic job! The more congratulations because I have never been a fan of Europe, now I know that it is mainly due to not very inspiring factory presets. I am waiting for more!

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