What are the best Refills you own?

Need some fresh sounds? Want to show off your sound design skills? Here's the place!
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Post 18 Oct 2022

VIVIsect wrote:
25 Sep 2021
There are loads of Sonic Flavours refills that I still love (Mystic Dreampads collection, BOO, UltraSphere, Red Mouse Meets Thor, Afterglow, etc.)

All the he Luftrum refills.

Bitword, particularly the Sonic Data and Wavefront refills. I've used Sonic Data in so many different tracks over the years.

I've had these for ages and I still reach for them all the time.
sonic data that’s one i missed i have wavefront and expanse am i missing anything ?

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Almost Everything from Nucleus soundlab. You can't go wrong. I think they are still sold despite some time ago they stopped making new ones - at the time they produced refills with different sound designers like Adam Fielding, Jiggery Poker, Exode also did stuff for them i think and more (even i have done some patches for the Px7 refill!). I colaborated with them with demo's for various refills like Pantheon 1, 2 and 3, guitarscapes, and several others.


Jiggery Pokery retrospective refill is great, and a lot of his stuff also great.
I also contributed with a demo song for this refill, as it was sold by Nucleus Soundlab too.

Navi Retlav stuff for newer devices is also great.

Zero G refills were also ok.

Adam Fielding also had great refills!

From propellerheads, every refill inside the studio combo was (IS) great. These were so good that they created 3 Re's with the sounds (Reason DrumKits, Reason electric Bass and Reason Processed pianos). These are not sold anymore, so you can get the Drumkits and Electric bass and what you get is the sounds reprocessed, but Reason Pianos yelds better results than Reason Processed pianos. It has a couple of bugs that were never solved and while it might be a good option for agressive processed pianos, for a clean performance it is not very good. The studio combo also included Abbey Road Keys, wich sounds great and is very distinctive. If for some sheer luck you can get Abbey Road on a dusty shelf in a store, that is still a great buy, imho! And i think you can still get Reason Pianos on Reason Studios shop.

There were also other refil makers, i remember a guy who had a bunch of sampled refills that sounded really great but i'm not in the studio now, i'll try and check out his name.

Edit: It was New Atlantis Audio. There was a bundle that had a "forest, glass and storm" refills that for ambient and new age music was super inspiring!

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Tinnitus wrote:
05 Aug 2021
dvdrtldg wrote:
22 Jul 2021
Kings of Kong
Reason Disco School
Reason Soul School
New Atlantis Audio Refill Bundle
Bitley Fairlight Platinum
Jiggery Pokery Blue Meanie
Zero-G Total Rex
Shimmer and Shake (Rex percussion loops)
What's total rex like? Is it all samples from the selected packs or only selected ones?

Is the sound quality as bad as reported?
https://gearspace.com/board/music-compu ... -quot.html
I have the Total REX, but it isn't in Refill format.
It's the REX Loop portions of heaps of the Zero G packs.

It has some of the best afro/latin percussion loops I've heard, also some good brass loops.

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