What are the best Refills you own?

Need some fresh sounds? Want to show off your sound design skills? Here's the place!
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Post 11 Jul 2021

Recombination by Nucleus Soundlab. Great for ambient or soundscapes.
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Post 11 Jul 2021

Tom Pritchard - VAST (which is now free, and is still one of the best synth sound collections out there for Reason, IMO!)
Adam Fielding - Europa Relay
Impact Soundworks - Resonance: Emotional Mallets

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Post 12 Jul 2021

Also for drums, ... Kikbak’s 808/MPC +4db, commodore 64 drums, and the Modernbeatz drums almost always find their way into a track. They're brilliant to layer

I can easily create a drum pattern with any basic drum set and then beef it up by layering one of those.

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Post 13 Jul 2021

TritoneAddiction wrote:
02 Jul 2021
For me it's Quixotic Sound Design. Lots of inspiring sounds with character.
Muchas gracias señor for the plug!

Those oft mentioned, now free Tom Pritchard refills were my inspiration for trying some sound design, so certainly don't sleep on those.
I personally also like the Chaos FX bundles, some excellent FX in there.
Quixotic Sound Design: http://www.quixoticsounddesign.com
Europandemonium Refill: https://gumroad.com/l/YxIGB

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Post 13 Jul 2021


Keeping the Fairlight CMI vibe alive :-)

Thank you very much and I hope you're having a safe and sweet summer!

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Post Yesterday

Kings of Kong
Reason Disco School
Reason Soul School
New Atlantis Audio Refill Bundle
Bitley Fairlight Platinum
Jiggery Pokery Blue Meanie
Zero-G Total Rex
Shimmer and Shake (Rex percussion loops)

I have all the Lectric Panda procedural ones too, they're great if a little overwhelming. And a huge bunch of other refills I never use

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