Looking for a metal guitar patch, please help

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Post 23 Apr 2021

Hello everyone

I am looking for a metal guitar patch which could sound like Angry Raw Distortion patch from Bob Moog Tribute library for Omnisphere, but without sandy overtone This is the very first patch here in this video

I am using Dune 3, Serum and Sylenth1 as Vsts, Antidote, Expanse, Parsec, Scenic as Re's. Reason stock devices, of course. Hydronexius and Aquiox from DNA labs as well, but I’m not sure that they are good tools for it
So are there any sound libraries for these synths where similar sound could be found ? Or maybe someone could possibly make that patch for me, I would pay for it.
I think there are some specific Kontakt libraries, but I would like to avoid Kontakt at this point. This is a question of a one single patch ;)

Thanks :puf_smile:

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I remembered seeing this thread back when it was posted: viewtopic.php?t=7510766
TritoneAddiction got some really nice results using synthesisers with guitar amp plugins. Maybe he could be of assistance. I'd like to know a bit more about how he got those sounds.

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Post 06 Jun 2021

I think I have finally found what I was looking for - Ample Sound - Metal Hellrazer Vst guitar. Not the patch, but... anyway. Sounds fantastic, great functionality, but a bit pricey

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