Wilton Piano ReFill, courtesy of its author

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Post 23 Aug 2020

A year and a half ago, several people enquired about an old ReFill, "Wilton Piano", which I had on my HD, without knowing its legal status. I reached to the author, who just answered to confirm that this ReFill is royalty-free and can be shared freely.

And it turns out that the author is one of us: doctecazoid! So, with his permission, here is a link to this ReFill:


And here is the story behind it:

"In the mid-90s, after my mother passed away and my dad had decided to sell their Wilton, CT home, I had an opportunity to bring a DAT recorder and a Sennheiser MD441-U to the house and record every third note of my mom's Baldwin grand before the piano was sold. Then when Reason came along, I used the DAT recordings to create the Wilton Piano refill."

Thanks Tom / doctecazoid!

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Post 24 Aug 2020

Thanks to Wongo for posting this, and again, apologies for not getting back to your initial inquiry sooner! Better late than never, right? :D

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Post 24 Aug 2020

thankyou @doctecazoid for sharing this work

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Post 25 Aug 2020

Thankyou for posting this. It's excellent. I've already done a nice arrangement with some Miroslav Cello and Violin on top of a haunting melody on that piano. 6/8 time :)

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