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Mutt Metal Drums is a 10 piece acoustic drum kit that was frankensteined specifically for this Reason ReFill. Fully acoustic and made up of hand picked used parts to create the first drum kit of this ReFill series.

Realistic sounding drums are good. Shotgunning is bad. Don't do that. This kit won't allow it. Every drum was recorded using various microphones and positions to recreate the subtle imperfection that makes drums human.

These drums are playable and scalable. Program it or plug it in to your e-kit and every drum will match the velocity of every hit you make as if played on a live acoustic kit. A different sample of the same drum whacked at the same velocity will be triggered every time you hit the drum, which is why it took over a thousand individually recorded drum samples to create this hyper-realistic drum kit.

We created a feature we call (Human Error) which can be toggled in combinator patches to trigger "accidental" rim-shots of the snare based on fully customizable odds. You can also trigger the rim manually.

We used the Shure SM57, SM48 and Audio Technica AE5100 microphones to record from close proximity to overheads and bleed. The shell of the drums is an unknown model manufactured by Pacific Drums and Percussion which is made up of 12, 13 and 16" toms, 22" bass drum and 13" snare.

The hand picked selection of cymbals consists of the Saluda 8" Rock Splash , Meinl 14" HCS Crash, Zildjian 16" ZBT China, Zildjian 18" Planet Z Crash Ride and the Zildjian 14" Scimitar HiHat.

Our goal was to create a digital drum brain for heavy metal that would sound unquestionably real without sounding heavily digitized and robotic like the drums heard in some modern metal. This kit is for people who want to take it back to the roots and get dirty.


ReFill contains 6 playable versions of the drum kit in the form of 6 Combinator Patches with 11 NN-XT Patches for the individual drums. The drum kit is made up of 1065 source samples.

Check out the demo song by the Black Metal band Scartha! The drummer played an Alesis Electric Drum Kit with Mutt Metal Drums 1 as the brain. This technique is becoming industry standard for many as there is no longer any real need for a drum engineer to record your music. Listen for yourself!

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