Nucleus Soundlabs Pantheon Refills

Need some fresh sounds? Want to show off your sound design skills? Here's the place!
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Post 24 Nov 2019

A loooooooong time ago I bought Pantheon 1 and 3 in a sale. ¤ years later I got around to trying them and thought they were really nice. Then I forgot about them again. Just saw that Pantheon is €5 and Pantheon II is €9 so I went to my refills folder and tried a few patches. Really, really nice :). They are pretty genre specific but I'm still thinking of getting Pantheon 2 just to "complete the collection" as they say. Anybody got it?
What about the other Nucleus Soundlabs refills? Any recommendations?

Edit: Bought!!! :)

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Post 24 Nov 2019

They are nice, which Nucleus Soundlab would start making patches again.

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Post 24 Nov 2019

Nucleus Soundlab is one of the greatest refill makers.

I know the owner (Jeremy) and have done some demo tracks for them, and the sounds of the refills always let me completely amazed.

I bought and have other refills from them... I think Viral Outbreak, all of the pantheons (the EWI version also if you are a wind player) and the recombinator series, are all on the top of the top.

I also love the sound of Neo DX (a refill for PX7, wich is simply AMAZING) and the Hyperdrive and Luminosity Refills, for parsec, which are also really great. So you should definitely check out those.

At some point, NS also started to promote and sell other people's Refills, like Jiggery Pokery who's doing great Re's today, not only the organs as the effects (All his BBD Stuff is great).

I think Nucleus Soundlab's secret for great refills, is that he surrounded himself of great sound designers (he is a great sound designer too), he worked with Tom Pritchard, Adam Fielding, Navi Retlav, and a lot of others that are great Reason Wizards since long time ago.

I would like to see more stuff from them too.

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Post 24 Nov 2019

Oh, i was forgetting guitarscapes, wich is also really great!

Ant then there's BFD's jazz drums:

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