Milisonics releases his first commercial library - EUROPA UNIVERSE for EUROPA VST

Need some fresh sounds? Want to show off your sound design skills? Here's the place!
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Greetings. I am Milisonics, I program synths (hardware and software) since 15 years now. Until now I did sounds for myself only, as a hobby. Europa Universe is my first attempt in the commercial world of sounds, and I hope that you will find at least couple interesting sounds in this library.

Here it is the demo track:

The library comes as a REFILL but also as an archive of sounds for the Europa VST version.

You can purchase this sound library from

These are sounds for Propellerheads Reason Europa instrument. The sounds are categorized in eight folders, as follows:

Basses (BA) - 10 patches -

Drums (DR) - 9 patches -

Effects (FX) - 9 patches -

Keyboards (KB) - 32 patches -

Leads (LD) - 10 patches -

Pads (PD) - 33 patches -

Textures (TX) - 17 patches -

Demo track patches ----------- all the patches that I used for the demo track. These sounds, some of them are normal sounds from the refill, but others are some completely new ones wich I only made during composing the track.

There are 120 patches in the refill + 19 aditional track patches. You can see the modified or the new patches, in the refill categories, these sounds have in their naming the ''T'' letter.

In this refill there are No samples used, only pure Europa synthesis. Patches wich end with a MW it means that it has ModWheel modulation.

No demo refill available because I did videos with all the patches by categories. The video demos include all patches played without and with ModWheel, this way you can hear all the aspects of the sounds and you can hear all the patches and not only a few.

Your purchase means a lot for me and motivates me to find the time and resources to finish the second volume of sounds for Europa and the first volume of sounds for Propellerheads Reason Grain.

For more informations you are most welcome on my website. There you will find a blog with more informations about this release and about myself.

Nevertheless, if you have any question, I will do my best to answer to all of them here on the forum.

Thank you for your interest


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UP! Price dropped from 18 to 16 euros :) Have a great day guys


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