Samples From Mars: Jupiter Drums free.

Need some fresh sounds? Want to show off your sound design skills? Here's the place!

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Post 19 Nov 2019

The demos are so good I downloaded it immediately, even though I already have teratons of drum machines. Thanks for the heads up!

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Post 19 Nov 2019

me, I got butt loads of the stuff. Downloading now...
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Post 20 Nov 2019

I've just downloaded them , thanks for the heads up :thumbs_up: :thumbs_up: :thumbs_up:
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Post 20 Nov 2019

I really like those guys. It seems like they really care about what they’re doing. The newest Linn samples are brilliant. And I love their write ups about how and why. They’re also super helpful if you write to them.
By the way...I got the every sample ever bundle for $9 last BF so keep your eyes open.

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