20 Free Sweeper and Quartet patches for R11

Need some fresh sounds? Want to show off your sound design skills? Here's the place!
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Post 27 Sep 2019

Here is a nice set of 20 free patches for Sweeper and Quartet REs ;)
NRS - Free Sweeper & Quarted Patches.zip
My favorite one is the "True Disperser" for Sweeper. It works amazing on basses and kicks.
If it's too strong for you, just reduce the number of stages.

PS. Don't forget to say "thanks" when you download it ;)

More free sounds can be fount at https://naviretlav.com/collections/free-downloads
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Post 27 Sep 2019

:thumbs_up: thanks... snagged in the off chance I'll upgrade on a point update

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Post 27 Sep 2019


Already slapped on two of these presets on some bass synths in a track I'm working on.. holy moly!

It's on the song in my sig currently (Rymstep)

Using the Reverser preset, doing all the time warping stuff on the bass
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Post 28 Sep 2019

Thank you very much for the patches :)

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Post 28 Sep 2019

Yes, thank you. Looking forward to using these when I upgrade Reason (soon).
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Post 28 Sep 2019

Thanks alot, gonna check em out right away.
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Post 28 Sep 2019

Many thanks for your gift....
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Post 30 Sep 2019

Thanks for all the support.
I decided to turn this project into full ReFill.
You can now get 100 Patches for Sweeper and Quartet REs.
Intro price $9 USD until October 8th, at www.naviretlav.com

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