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Post 12 May 2019

I love this synth, theres something about the sound.. I wouldn't compare it to Thor.

Like this old-school bass i made with it. ... 3/download

I also put together a combinator giving 8 voice Polyphony via Distributor, with cutoff and resonance mapped only to the combinator controls. ... 6/download

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Post 12 May 2019

Looks like moneykube had a similar idea, maybe a mod can merge the threads? viewtopic.php?f=8&t=7512144

EDIT: Forgot to say: thanks for sharing! :)

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Post 12 May 2019

I was wondering about using Distributor to make a polyphonic Complex-1, but didn't pursue it due to the irritation of the patches on the eight individual devices not being in sync. Change a parameter or routing on one device, and you have to change it on all of them if you want them to sound the same. I wish there was a way to make devices of the same kind master/slave, like you can with the Minilogue.
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