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Post 05 Mar 2019

This is a combinator patch which allows individual tuning of each of the 12 chromatic notes via the pitch wheel.
It is yet incomplete.


download microtuner combi

I used techniques from Timmy Crowne's Voicer patch

it requires 2 free rack extensions:
CV8X4 CV Generator from Aftermath Audio
ModSelsor CV Selector & Sensor from Hamu

-I have not found a way to effectively switch the root note of a scale, shifting the knob selected by each note.
-I dont know if there is a way to view the knob degrees in cents rather than the existing 127ths
-when you let go of a note, the pitch wheel goes all the way down, so there is a swoop if you have a high release, and it slides down a half step if you are holding the first key after letting up the second
-it can only do monaural, but even propellerhead's microtune has that flaw.

in order to change the instrument, swap it with the nnxt "output", and set it to poly 1, pitch bend range 1, and in programmer set cv input 1 in "output" to pitch wheel.

please review

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Timmy Crowne
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Post 06 Mar 2019

Hey frm5993, this is a great idea. As far globally transposing your tuning settings, you can do this by changing the transposition value of the Note Tracker device in the Combinator's programmer. There's no way I know of to change the tooltip readouts for a knob, so I think we're stuck with 0-127.

I think the monophonic issue you've run into is due to Reason's limited keyboard mapping tools. As far as I can tell, the only way to get everything to work perfectly polyphonically would be if each instrument device had the ability to detune "after" the incoming MIDI note but "before" the sound generation, per note. I wish discrete keyboard map editing would appear when adjusting keyboard range in the Combinator... *cough, cough, Props*

A rather laborious workaround would be to create 12 separate NN-XT's and just use the CV8X4's to directly set their pitch bend values. I don't think you would need to use the ModSelsor for this, but you would lose ability to transpose your scale globally.

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Post 09 Mar 2019

i figured out how to use note player to transpose the key tracker. man, i wish the players had normal cv inputs, and even just midi inputs and outputs. i shouldnt have to use the combi programmer just for that. and with the combi only having 4 cv inputs!

weird thing:
when keys are let go, the modselsor's input 7 light goes on, and the pitch wheel goes to zero. this is why a held first note slides down. i dont know if there is a way to set a knob to trigger when no notes are playing.

new patch: ... r.cmb?dl=0

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