I Want That Sound - Boots + Claps is awesome

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Post 20 Dec 2018

I found that for the past year or two I have barely used any snare drums and almost always opted for claps whenever there was a call for either, so I decided to splurge on a set of samples, and I went for the one I named in the topic title. It was $35, and I feel it was worth every penny, and I've used it in more than 10 projects in the few days I've owned it, and it will definitely feature in many more projects to come. It's usually the second percussive element I add now (after the kick drum) in my music. Highly recommended.

https://www.iwantthatsound.com/boots-claps/ (the second demo song is a better example than the first, in my opinion)

I'm thinking of buying the Mammoth pack too now, but if you've got any other suggestions for awesome collections of claps and stomps, and heck, even snares, I'm all ears.
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I guess that works if your hands are tied.

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