Which instrument would you like a Refill of???

Need some fresh sounds? Want to show off your sound design skills? Here's the place!
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Zac wrote:
28 Jun 2018
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Can't wait!
It’s a huge labor of love. I don’t NEED these in any way, I’ve got the actual hardware....however, there are those that like the sounds of vintage/modern analog.

I’m sampling every 3rd note (C,D#,F#,A) with 8 velocity layers to open/close the filter....on single notes sampled in the the EPS 16+ in order to capture its unique sound.

I’m also recording the filterless outputs of the SP-1200 raw into the sampler, sometimes to the EMU E5000 Ultra, and then resampled back to the EPS 16+...the Emu has been a secret weapon for years....DnB guys used these all over....these are very rare digital boxes where the analog stages become non-linear before the A/D clips, and you get compression, grind, and finally analog distortion. On drums, this is a stunning thing to hear. Lots of people may decry my process, thinking that I’m some sort of analog-anorak....but I’m just the opposite....most of my effects, my console, my samplers...all digital. I use all these analog synths around me to make new sounds to then go destroy (or beautify depending on your tastes and if you like my music!)

It will be quite large, and with only 7-8 instruments I hope my work will garner some attention from this community as I seek to sell more and more elaborate refill productions. Once I release something I think is pretty good out to you all for free, I’d love feedback on if you’d buy from me along with bug reports and sugesstions fkr future refills.
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This is going to be well received believe me. Host it well. Love what you're doing.

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