BFD Jazz and Funk ReFill - Released!

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Post 18 May 2015

Hey all, 

It's been awhile since our last Reason ReFill release! We've been hard at work though - and today everyone can see the fruits of our labours with BFD Jazz and Funk.
This is the second ReFill produced in collaboration with FXpansion. After we released BFD Core ReFill, we polled users to see what type of drums they'd like to see next. Far and away, the most popular choice was brushed drums suitable for Jazz. Our new ReFill fits that bill 100% - you will simply not find brushed drums of this quality anywhere else in the Reason market.
In addition to the nearly 5GB of exquisite samples and 71 detailed kit patches the ReFill includes1900+ MIDI loops in the Jazz and Funk genres. And while the ReFill is indeed focused on these genres, creative musicians will find BFD Jazz and Funk useful for just about any musical styles - in addition to the brushed drums, all drums have regular 'stick hit' articulation sets as well.
BFD Jazz and Funk is available for puchase now. We are running an intro price of $74 (regular price is $99) until June 2nd, 2015. Make sure to check out all the demo content over on the product page!
Finally, we are also making available a BFD Drum Bundle. This bundle includes both BFD Core ReFill and BFD Jazz and Funk. The bundle costs just $149 - which saves you over 25% compared to the combined regular pricing of both ReFills.
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Post 19 May 2015

Contributing to this one was an interesting experience for me, as jazz and funk aren't styles I usually am into. I do listen to (and appreciate) both styles every now and then, but I must admit I wouldn't risk myself at creating a jazz tune with my limited composing skills. :P

Having said the above, I love drums in general, both acoustic and electronic, no matter the style(s) they're primarily designed for. Therefore, it still was a pleasure to put some combis together for a BFD library. ;)

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Post 19 May 2015

I am a huge fan of the BFD Core Refill and was looking forward to this.
The demos sound great and I bet I'll have as much fun as with the BFD Core.
Thanks for this ReFill! :)

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Post 19 May 2015

Hey all, figured it was about time I showed my face around here :)

I worked on some of the BFD Jazz & Funk patches along with the other contributors, and it was interesting trying a different approach to the Combinators after having used BFD Core for the past couple of years and thinking what I'd like to see from another BFD Refill. I was keen to treat the Combinators as though they were an actual drum recording, so all the mixer channels are mapped out in microphone groups as you would expect... which also means you can break them out and use the SSL mixer very easily while still being able to make quick adjustments using the Combinator's controls.

It was an interesting challenge to create kits with more of a jazz & funk focus, but it was a lot of fun and, as they say, variety is the spice of life :) I hope you enjoy it, and cheers again to Jeremy and the rest of the crew for putting out another excellent Refill!

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Post 19 May 2015

Greetings all! I was very happy to contribute a few tracks to the demos. I have been waiting a very long time for jazz drums in Reason and this refill went above and beyond my expectations. They are exceptionally dynamic and the programming Jeremy and the team did is outstanding. I look forward to using them on more tracks and highly recommend this refill along with the BFD Core Refill.


Jeremy Cubert

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Post 19 May 2015

Hey I can finally talk about this now! It was cool to contribute a demo song for this. Samples are great and  mapped very well to be easily playable. Even though this is more focused on Jazz there's a lot of flexibility in sound you can get with the different mic positions available. Definitely recommend for anyone looking for quality realistic drums to use in Reason.

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Post 28 Jul 2015

Is the DL for the Core/Jazz Funk in sections? That's a big DL for me.

And the combo set, how soon does it process? Seconds, minutes, weeks (hehe)

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Post 29 Jul 2015

A nice fast response from the team indicated that it's instant (unless it's e-cheque) and that the files are indeed compressed so they are not that big (1.3/1.7 respectively)

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Post 09 Aug 2015

I think I've decided against the jazz/funk. I remember having it for BFD back in the day and not liking it. Though I have no doubt that people worked very hard in porting it, the examples don't really float my boat.

BFD core looks to be an upgrade in many ways from reason drums. The demo is nice (thanks for that btw, really helps!) but I'd really like to wait for a sale (and I think I just passed one)

Refills are purchasable second hand, right? I wonder if that's an option.

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