New TRES RE ReFill - Tres Combination

Need some fresh sounds? Want to show off your sound design skills? Here's the place!
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Post 18 May 2015

Here is our latest ReFill release for TRES RE.

NRS - Tres Combination
There is no doubt that FXpansion’s Tres synthesizer, is one of a kind. The perfect mix of crystal-clear oscillators, surgically-precise filters, combined with an extreme amount of modulations. One of our best sound-designers crafted an inspiring collection of ethereal pads, deep saturated basses, and a wide variety of intense leads. Each combinator is unique, giving you the option to adjust the timber, tone, warmth and spatial-width of the patch. Our carefully-sculpted RAW RE and Combinator patches take you further into the sound design capabilities possible with TRES. This description has barely scratched the surface of what’s capable with this synth and what we have accomplished with this ReFill. We have made sure that you can clearly find the right tone for your next chart hit here.

  • Intro price ($19 USD) until May 29th
  • 64 Unique Tres Combinator instrument patches
  • 64 Tres Rack Extension instrument patches
  • 1 Demo song (Reason 8 document)
  • Propellerhead Reason 7+ and FXpansion - Tres Rack Extension required
Free demo and more at :
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Post 18 May 2015

Nice!  Tres is a fantastic synth; will definitely check this out.

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Post 18 May 2015

very nice refill! I wish the endless subscription would have never ended - the irony is strong here :)

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Post 28 May 2015

It's the last day of "NRS - Tres Combination" ReFill INTRO PRICE!
Get it at:

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Post 29 May 2015

Thank you, grabbed it! :)

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Post 29 May 2015

ahhh why not ? got paid today so may as well share the wealth ;)

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Post 30 May 2015

Thanks everyone for all the support. 
I hope you really like this ReFill ? ;)

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Post 02 Jun 2015

can someone who owned the complete pack before, upgrade for a fee to the "latest" complete pack with the patches we don't have?

Any Tres patches are very very welcome, good luck with the refill.


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