Beatbox Combinator - first test, more to come!

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Post 04 Apr 2015

Hey guys! This is just a simple little patch I made but I've got some cool ideas for it and I know it's going to be useful for me so, maybe it will be for the rest of you.

So in short it's a rapid drum kit builder; no browsing, loading, browsing, loading. The patch comes with up to 127 samples per category of drum pre-loaded into memory, with simple rotary controls accessed via Devices View to select between them, partially inspired by B-Box in Halion Sonic 2.

The idea is that you program a beat and then twiddle the knobs with reckless abandon until you stumble upon an unexpected combination that sounds good. Not all of the categories have 127 samples (I'm just using Factory Soundbank sounds) so you might end up with no sound with certain settings.

The patch also comes with an Empty Zones NN-XT so you select the group, drag and drop your own pool of samples from the browser and they'll be chromatically mapped for you.

This is just a first test. What I'd like to do is separate each drum into its own Combinator each with four layers that can be selected either with rotaries or a randomize button (kind of like Polyplex). These would all be linked to a master Combinator that handles gates/patterns. I'd also like to pack it into a ReFill with a large number of samples (retro drum machines, maybe some original stuff) but like I said for now it's just stock Reason. 

Anyway this is just a sort of a proof of concept patch. Enjoy!
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Post 04 May 2015

Got a chance to check this out yesterday, very clever combi!

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