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Need some fresh sounds? Want to show off your sound design skills? Here's the place!
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Post 31 Jul 2018

bitley wrote:
31 Jul 2018
Thanks for chiming! :) I have not thought about what to do with some of the older refills really; remake them with new updates or sell them for a reduced price.
Both :)

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Post 31 Jul 2018

Lol! :D

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Post 12 Nov 2020

bitley wrote:
05 Jul 2018
1. IDT & REs are fine but I am a sound designer & 2D designer, not a C++ developer (not even a 3D designer). Furthermore, which is more important, the IDT specification is limited to sizes much smaller than the size of the refill sample content.
2. Ppl can try out sounds, there is a free demo refill available to get some inspiration and feel for what can be expected.
3. There is a direct download link for all customers and no fuzz at all with that.
4. Alternatively there are versions up for Kontakt and Yamaha MOXF / Motif XF / Montage for those wanting another format.
Bitley, just split them up (even Roland does this with their SRX modules).

I can assure you, if you make IDTs of your Refills, you will have a fat and steady stream of income for the rest of your life - and it allows you to just make Kontakt patches (since you can import them into IDT).

A 3D designer will pop up, and then you can update it.

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