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Post 06 Jan 2024

Any Rack Extension that requires a license will not load. The pop-up message says:
Missing Rack Extensions
This song uses rack extensions that are not available - either they are not installed or there are no licenses for them. The affected devices have been replaced by placeholders in the rack. and i get the cardboard placeholder that directs me to install the RE which...... is already installed.
I've been thru all the troubleshooting steps one would normally take to arrive at this response from Reason Support:

delete the file ending in ".cache" from the Rack Extenions folder, then re-launch Reason. Reason will then download your Rack Extension license again.

i tried deleting the .cache file and re-starting RRP within Live and I get this message:
Couldn't Authorize Rack Extensions
Reason couldn't access the rack extension license data. This indicates a problem with your internet connection. To use rack extensions in Reason, please restart the program.

Obviously I'm connected to the internet, what other problems with my internet connection might this message be referring to? I've done all the things you're likely to suggest such as updating everything, re-installing everything, I'm paid-up with my subscription, I re-installed the Rack Extensions.
I'm using windows 10 home 22h2 19045 running the RRP in Ableton Live Suite 11 on a high speed cable connection.

I have an open ticket with support but was hoping you guys might know something.

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Post 06 Jan 2024

What version of Reason and are you using Authorizer or Companion?

Is this just when launching the RRP in Live or have you tried with Reason standalone as well?

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Post 06 Jan 2024

I'm on the current version (12.7.1d91 build 15,467) .and I'm using Companion. I just tried the standalone and I get the same resulting messages.

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Post 08 Jan 2024

I'm having the same issue with Reason 11 Suite; Mac mini os high Sierra. Have great internet connection and tried everything you did, and also have 3 open tickets!!!! If you get an answer, please share. Thanks

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