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Post 22 May 2023

I was for the first time fiddling around with Mimic on the weekend. Since i like drum machines where you can scrub through alot of sounds from your midi controller (Knock is nice for that btw) i figured why not drop a bunch of sounds on an audio track, export as one file, drop it into a slice slot of Mimic and then use Note number to select the sound.
And it was super clean to do that.

Now i then expected to drop 8 different collections (Bass Drum, Hihat, Snares etc.) into the 8 slots and just use it as a Drum machine. But i had to realize there seems to be no way to trigger slices on different slots. Not via midi and when i turned the rack not via cv. Cv though looks like an easy solution to me. Just add Gate CV to the slots.

Or am i missing something?

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Post 22 May 2023

Not sure I’m 100% following you, but starting at C1 you are triggering each individual slot for each note, just like Kong, ReDrum, Drum Sequencer, etc.
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Post 25 May 2023

What i meant is a way to trigger individual slices (of a 127 slices big sample) in each slot at the same time, so that this can be used as a Drummachine with several sample options per slot (without using the browser and samples thus selectable via remote/notenr.). Individual gate/cv for each slot would be the easiest aproach i think.

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