SM Tritone Multiband Waveshaper - fantastic waveshaper :)

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Post 06 Mar 2023

This is the fattest waveshaper / distortion device I've ever heard in the Reason Rack :mrgreen:


It makes source material uncompromisingly thick and it sounds very analog in the best possible way. It delivers a broad palette of characterful distorted and waveshaped tones.

For the first time it could feel a little bit tricky but after some time of a careful programming and exploring you will reveal a fantastic colours of waveshaped / distorted tones that sound full and rich.

Particulary important here is the relationship between "INPUT GAIN" control and any other individual controls dedicated for each band. "INPUT GAIN" control reacts very responsively, it determines the main harmonic content of the distorted signal. Decreasing the input level by this control doesn't weaken the signal, it is always fat and aggressive, only harmonic content changes. So it behaves superb for me. Compensation for output level is easily achieved via "VOLUME" control.

It's possible to get really wide range of resulting colours through individual controls per each band and their different combinations. You can fine tune the tone of signal very well. And important controls are also crossover knobs which define low-mid and mid-high ranges for bands.This of course affects the resulting tone as well. Dedicated Level controls for each band define the resulting bass-mids-highs ratio.

As the introduction step I firstly recommend to turn off the Band Limiter, located in the bottom right corner. Otherwise you would wonder why there isn't enough high end in the signal. Band Limiter tames the high frequencies, it's useful if you want to dampen the bright signal.

Since this RE was released a long time ago and the dev website is no longer available I worried that this device would be gone from the shop. So I quickly bought it and now I am fine :mrgreen:

Here is the manual found on archived version of devs website: ... Manual.pdf

A small examples of dry-wet comparison to show how Tritone can transform original sound:

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Post 06 Mar 2023


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Post 07 Mar 2023

BRIGGS wrote:
06 Mar 2023
Have you tried Ruina?
Yes of course :puf_smile: . But that is a completely different beast with its own character and specific feature set. I love it too and also recommend that device. And it's for free !

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Post 20 Mar 2023

i also like the old tritone, excellent for finishing synthesized drums hits or adding warmth and grit to spacey metallicky sounding synths like px7, spectra, parsec, oberon, malstrom, serum, etc. i use it in combination with another old but good 3 band dynamics RE called Splex sometimes to wrangle big kick, bass, or pad sounds into something more focused when they are taking up too much space, both have nice simple guis and are quick and easy to get good results with.

i don't own it but there's another bigger waveshaper by forgotten clank that eschews the skeuomorphic ui of most REs for a very flat modern look. another golden oldie vst that i still use for that kind of stuff and also gets used in place of or in combination with scream sometimes is izotope trash 2 which you can probably buy for like $10 now.

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