Sequences or Kompulsion or Both

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Post 22 Nov 2022

I've searched the past posts to see if this has already been done and by page 10 I gave up. So, simple questions since I have some coins burning my pockets for BF. I would trial them both but I'm not a power user so I know I'll miss things that may be awesome in each.

1. Is it worth it having both? I have PSS, BLG, QNG, PM, DS, CS, Evolution

2. What features do they have that aren't duplicated in the other?

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Post 22 Nov 2022

trial them both

you be the judge : )

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Post 22 Nov 2022

I can't say for sure, but I don't think kompulsion has step conditions?
The latest release:

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Post 22 Nov 2022

Kompulsion is essentially 16 monophonic step sequencers. If you know DrumSequencer, then imagine 16 lanes instead of 8, 32 steps instead of 16, added Repeat functions, and an Auxiliary CV for each lane. With care you can make each lane drive a multi-drum device such as UMPF. Kompulsion also works as an arpeggiator. If you know DualArp, imagine 8 DualArps, each with both arpeggiators active, plus playback direction, polyrhythms, probability, etc. An arpeggiator differs from a sequencer by responding to incoming MIDI notes.

Sequences is a single polyphonic step sequencer with many of the same per-step controls as Kompulsion, like probability, velocity, gate length, and two auxiliary CV lanes. You can step-record your sequences, and you can playback in looped , one-shot, or gated modes, or you can trigger the steps manually (this can be really cool and useful). As a step sequencer, Sequences is really powerful.

Kompulsion and Sequences are two quite different beasts. While they do have some overlap, they function quite differently and each address unique needs when you're writing a project. It's worth having both if you use machines to make a lot of your music.

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Post 22 Nov 2022

Yeah get them both. You won't be disappointed

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Post 23 Nov 2022

They don’t really overlap as others have said. Sequences is really handy if you spend a lot of time in the rack. I use it all the time for various experiments. Kompulsion is really powerful as well but I prefer using Drum Sequencer and RPG8 so I could do without it.

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