how are you liking Noise Engineering bundle 2?

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Post 22 Nov 2022

I have several west coast soft synths including Aalto and Buchla Easel and ID700 but this bundle seems to offer some interesting new ways and parameters.

Thanks for any opinions!

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Post 23 Nov 2022

I think it's great. So many presets, even if they don't really allude to what type of sound they are with the rather random naming. But really these plugins shine in the extensive cv modulation possibilities.

And they sound great IMO.

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Post 23 Nov 2022

Synthopathe wrote:
23 Nov 2022
...these plugins shine in the extensive cv modulation possibilities.
This :thumbup: :clap:

Always hope, that at some point devs think about audio inputs instead of CV, because of the resolution. Only VK-1 did it...
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