Isn't the chord sequencer keyboard layout inconvenient?

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Post 18 Jul 2022

Because of the E key, it doesn't fit well with the layout, but I think it would be more intuitive if you omit the E for the layout.

Is it possible to synchronize the keyboard shape and pad shape of the chord sequencer and patch the key with CC#DD# FF#GG#?

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Post 18 Jul 2022

This solution will cost you $19 USD but: ... rd-player/

This player RE will allow you to assign any key to any other key or assign the same key to multiple keys across the keyboard. So, in your case you can assign the E to the F, F to the F#, F# to G and so on until you have everything mapped to your exact specifications. You can make 2 key map configurations (A/B) per instance so you can switch between them as needed. And you can save any key configurations to patches. Just place it above the Chord Sequencer and you're good. It's my favorite RE! And worth every penny. Happy Hunting.

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Post 19 Jul 2022

I'm not sure I understand why you want to skip E. How does skipping E make the keyboard better fit Chord Sequencer?

Anyway, the reason doesn't really matter. You could do this with Delta (along with countless other useful tricks). While Delta is a very deep and complex utility capable of so many amazing things, it can also be used for simple things like what you are asking. And Delta is on sale for $35 right now.
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